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NOTLIN-ZNOTLIN-ZNOTLIN-Z [Feb. 5th, 2005|01:02 am]
The Uber Fucken Sunkist Bitches


[Current Music |modest mouse: gravity rides everything.]

So this is Miranda.
And since you guys are so severely lacking in LJ skillz, after fixing this god damned community and it's horrible settings, I've decided you guys need me & my mad skillzslashahemnerdiness...
Maaaaan, fuck applications. I'm promoting myself to mod.
I was one of the original Uber Fucken Sunkist Bitches, anyway.
So yeah.


I'm gonna fix the layout, and we need to have a UFSB photoshoot, really. Cause Lin-z, you look like a hoe and Max...
I think it's obvious.

[User Picture]From: hemanofthenorth
2005-02-05 09:35 am (UTC)


Your just jealous because you can't turn into a sweaty male model on command!
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