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We are the Uber Fucken Sunkist Bitches.

So worship the ground we walk on.

The Uber Fucken Sunkist Bitches
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Here we are. Like us. We are the Uber Fucken Sunkist Bitches. Oh. I think so.
This community is all about posting opinions, pictures, ideas, polls, etc. of things that are just so damn uberrockin'.

Alright. Think you're awesome?
Don't be so sure.
Fill this out. Post it to us. To get in you need a majority vote. Based upon how rad you are, of course. Put "Waiting on you." in your title.

1. What's your favorite band pre-1980?
2. What's your favorite band post-1980?
3. Why do you want in?
4. How often do you drink the Uber Sunkist?
5. How often do you drink Orange Juice?
6. Are you a Right Wing Bush lover?
7. Put the best book you've ever read here.
8. Why do you watch American Idol *You know you do.*
9. What do you think is the likely hood you will make it into this awesome community?
10. Compliment one of the mods. (Yes, we're full of ourselves. And we LIKE it.)

Now post 3 pictures of yourself (and not in the dark, even if you're hideous).
Good advice (especially if you happen to be of the male species) : Make yourself look pretty. We like pretty people.

Drumroll please...
Last but not least, tell us your favorite quote.

And please - make it ubertastic.

Here are your uberawesome moderators:

I'm Lin-z.
I like ous cream, roller skating and dancing to feminist music with socks on.
Oh yeah, and orange soda or whatever. (Just kidding...I do ♥ me a good soda.)


This is Maximoose. Or Max. Or Maxxx. Or Hey You (depending on who you're talking to.)
...I'm sure you've figured out by now this isn't ACTUALLY him, but hey, not all of us are as computer-savvy as to be able to upload our pictures. Don't worry, he'll learn.
Anyways, Max likes orange soda (duh.), strummin' his geetah and has an unhealthy fear of premature hairloss.

Now get to applying!